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Installation and commissioning press

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Installation and commissioning press, whether it is from the manufacturing and installation, is a very important step, no matter what it is to be noted that whe...

Installation and commissioning press, whether it is from the manufacturing and installation, is a very important step, no matter what it is to be noted that where scientific removal and installation can reduce the occurrence of mechanical construction, can increase mechanical efficiency, the source through press at this point to do has been very prominent, let us look at the installation and commissioning of the press in pith.
On First automatic vacuum screw press, the machine adopts high-quality steel manufacturing, development, and manufacturing is at the high-precision, low noise, high degree of automation, simple operation, continuous production capability native features . Taking into account the environment the machine is suitable for the majority of oil crops, which extract corn germ, soybeans, rapeseed, cottonseed, peanuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and other oilseeds, the performance is very prominent in the small oil refinery and oil mill in the country are preferred oil extraction equipment, in addition to these advantages, there are many advantages in the installation, which ensures the efficiency of oil press, such as the pressing screw part First oil press.
Press pressing screw press is a major component in the installation should pay more attention, pressing screw installation is very simple to do the most important thing is to pay attention to the installation order, then we will first talk about the pressing screw installation:

Pressing screw installation: first press virgin Lo erect, thin side up, and then slag Shaotou and pressing screw press Arranging the order of 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then in turn mounted on the shaft installed asbestos gasket, and then use the lock nut to prevent diesel into the spiral, the impact of the demolition of pressing screw, and then loaded bearings 8309 and Mediation bolts, note the two bearings mounted large hole surface are against the adjusting bolt the end surfaces, the overall installed after pressing screw together two M42X2 nut back tight, back when the two 8309 note tight bearing clearance. When debugging move to turn the adjusting screw by hand, you can feel the rotation flexibility. Installation and commissioning press also includes the demolition of pressing screw press, install essentials in this regard with the pressing screw press is very similar requirements are in accordance with the standard press to do the demolition.
Generally speaking rate stuck there are pressing screw press, especially when cottonseed oil press squeezing the most serious phenomenon, before cold press virgin Lo Lo instant demolition virgin oil press regardless of the machine and the work efficiency is a very important link. Concrete demolition methods are as follows:
Pressing Lo demolition method: press stop moving immediately after the handle to squeeze the juice extracted from the shaft bore, remove the protective cap, round nuts, bearings and adjusting bolts. Diameter 16 with iron bars inserted into the hole of the lock nut counterclockwise rotation, after remove the lock nut, screw pressing the sections can be removed. Removing bad as pressing screw, then remove the available wood fire heating.
Above parts are relatively simple installation and commissioning press, the press staff for the new operation is more important, long-term use press employees also have their own tricks work, we go to local conditions.