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Vertical oil separator

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Vertical oil separator is a method of solid-liquid centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation by using its own drum separation of suspended impurities,...

Vertical oil separator is a method of solid-liquid centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation by using its own drum separation of suspended impurities, phosphorus slag separation, when the drum rotation ceased net oil from the drum out, to achieve the purpose of filtering. After filtration of oily can then do edible test, the foam can not afford, no overflow pot. The device is First machinery according to the advantages of vacuum oil filter and a centrifugal oil filter machine, takes its essence, one of the most advanced equipment will be both integrated improvement, the machine can automatic heating, automatic mixing crude oil salt, electric control cabinet, automatic control, high degree of automation, favored by the majority of users.

When extracting oil crude oil from the oil press oil guide groove directly into the automatic oil filter first barrel inside, the crude oil under the action of vacuum, after mixing barrel above 60--80 mesh into the barrel, low oil temperature if winter heating device, can start the barrel, crude oil after the initial filter was removed. Large oil, then heated saline water, close the switch to the centrifugal oil filter machine, stirring mixing pump at the bottom of the barrel start mixing crude oil, stirring after opening the two valves to the centrifugal oil filter, salinization good hair oil enters the centrifugal oil filter, and then run for 30 seconds, the the power supply is disconnected, the drum stops rotating by pure oil from the oil outflow automatic. Different raw materials, crude oil can make the drum rotation time adjusted longer or shorter. Drum rotation must be stopped to clean up the oil residue cleaning oil before.
Raw materials, wool oil cleanliness is not the same, clean up the residue can be more clear one to two times. This machine is equipped with a braking device, when the power is disconnected, the rotation of the drum can not be a braking stability, need to adjust the brake rod slow brake, otherwise oil reverse back is not clear. Clean the oil when the first outer barrel cover three bolts remove out, carry on the cover, in the inner barrel cover three bolts remove out, open cover, shovel bucket inner wall oil. For a period of time, the center of the inner tank oil nylon wheel bolts disassembled and then hand inside the barrel mouth pulled upward, the inner barrel is raised, cleaning the outer barrel bottom overflow fine slag, then the inner barrel. Pay special attention to clean oil, must put inside and outside cover is arranged on the bolt on the good, otherwise cannot start the oil machine.

Advantages of vertical oil separator:
1, filtration speed, a machine integrates heating, vacuum filtering, centrifugal filtering function, high degree of automation, saving time and labor, each 1500Kg filter clear a sludge, convenient operation.
Compared to 2, and other equipment, long-term use without any consumables.
3, energy saving, power up to the drum reach normal speed is broken power, oil filter using centrifugal force of the drum.
4, the use effect is better than that of all other filter equipment, the use of the centrifugal filter no consumables purchase, power saving, good effect, high purity, color clear, direct sale or direct edible filling.