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Corn Germ Oil Refining Processing Line with Low Price

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Crude corn oil, (hot water) degumming, alkali refining, washing, drying, alkali refining, bleaching clay, filtration, bleaching Oil, crystallization, crystal

 Crude corn oil, (hot water) degumming, alkali refining, washing, drying, alkali refining, bleaching clay, filtration, bleaching Oil, crystallization, crystal support celite, filtered, dewaxing corn germ oil, deodorized, cooling, and first grade refined corn germ oil

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Major equipment during corn germ oil refinery:

Disc separator, desolventization tower, leaf filter, soda series vacuum pumps, crystallization tank, raising the grain tank, horizontal filter, deodorization tower, four-steam ejector

Corn germ oil refining processing flow introduction:

Traditional process deodorized corn oil refining bases after crystallization, raising grain, filter dewaxing, because the filter is added diatomaceous earth filter aid. It is acidic, acid value will cause the finished product to rise, affecting the quality of oil products, and make the finished oil with a distinct odor of soil. The dewaxing section of new corn oil refining process placed between the bleaching and deodorizing steps, deodorizer removes fatty acids reduce the acid and diatomaceous earth in the soil odor removal, effective control of the quality of oil products.

Traditional corn oil refining process is adding to the oil filter aid 0.2% by mass to deodorized oil, deodorized oil temperature needs to be cooled to 20 ° C for 48 hours, with stirring, slowly waxy oil agglomeration, and finally the wax separated from the oil with a filter. The new corn germ oil refining processing line is added to the bleaching with the oil filter aid 0.2% by mass , rapidly cooled to 5-10 ℃, accompanied by slow speed stirring to 10-13r/min, under this condition, for 7 - 8 hours , and then a horizontal filter to remove the wax .

Two corn germ oil refining process through practice contrast , the new corn oil refining process dewaxing procedures without compromising the quality of the oil , dewaxing section a short time, can improve quality. Thereby corn oil refining technology is able to enhance economic efficiency of enterprises and reduce investment costs.

New deodorized corn oil refining process tower section of soft , flexible object is achieved by the column system "first stripping the holding " principle, the first sub- ah filler stripping column to remove free fatty acids , other volatiles flavor substances and to minimize the possibility of loss and the formation of trans fatty acids vitamin E . Use a soft tower can make the process of deodorization and deacidification treatment to achieve a low -temperature, short time . Use deodorizer can not only reduce production costs, but also help to suppress the generation of trans fatty acids and vitamin F is maintained retention. The corn germ oil refining processing line is usually operating under temperature of about 230 degrees Celsius.

Stripping section and the tray completely separate can prevent the generation of free radicals and pigmentation. One reason is the radical deterioration of the flavor oils and produce darker color. Further , the presence of free fatty acids can induce pigmentation and free fatty acids to produce a letter , a single soft deodorization and deacidification column system can be completed within 5 minutes stripping operation , the oil thus obtained light color , while the thin inner tray oil , hold time is short, can inhibit the generation of trans fatty acids.

Under a certain degree of vacuum, the amount of steam stripping different distillate will capture vitamin E to have different effects. When there is small amount of steam stripping, the retention of vitamin E in oil is inevitable. The use of soft tower systems without the use of steam to flip oil, stripped of its low pressure drop, so you can use less amount of steam stripping treatment, help to improve the amount of vitamin E in the oil retention, low power consumption.

How to choose Corn germ oil refining production line ? :