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Large pre-press workshop process

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Large pre-press workshop process, the local use of the most advanced automatic control system and the central computer control system, the application of networ...

Large pre-press workshop process, the local use of the most advanced automatic control system and the central computer control system, the application of network technology to achieve critical host remote monitoring and maintenance, mechanical and electrical integration and automation.
Pre-press pretreatment effect:
Large pre-press workshop process aims to improve the appearance of oil in order to quickly and efficiently through the machine pressed or oil extraction. It typically includes the following series of processes:
Large pre-press shop processes, cleaning: good pretreatment are from the clean-up began, cleaning is very important, it can not ensure the quality of the final product, but also to avoid early wear pretreatment equipment. Due to reduced maintenance costs and consumable parts, reduce production costs, so cleaning equipment investment will soon be rewarded. Cleanup usually separated from the sieve with a combination of suction equipment, if necessary, other methods can also be used to remove the oil in the shell, fine material, gravel, sand, metal and so on.
Oilseeds Sheller: increase the protein content of meals. Broken: reducing grain size. Steaming and roasting / quenching: reduce the viscosity of oil products, and adjust the fuel moisture content.
Flaking: destroy the cell structure of the oil and make it easier to extract the oil.

Expanded: sometimes, depending on the raw materials used, mainly in order to optimize the leaching characteristics of oilseeds.
Broken: The aim is to reduce the grain size to ensure uniform steamed fried. Crushed by two rolls with a crushing wrinkles completion crusher usually used for crushing one or two rolls, and the number of crushing rollers the size of the wrinkles on the roll depends on the size of the fuel grains.
Steaming and roasting: quenching process, the oil is heated, adjust the water to the desired state. Steaming and roasting are two common vertical steaming wok wok and horizontal steam. Either steaming wok are used 6-10 bar steam as the heating medium, such as for crushing, oil is heated to 90-110 ℃, such as for direct leaching, then heated to 65-72 ℃.
There are two ways to extract oil pressing plant: complete mechanical crushing and low pre-press, pre-press after the cake followed by solvent extraction.
Applicable oil: corn germ, soybeans, peanuts, sunflower, cottonseed, rapeseed, rice bran, safflower seeds, seed, sesame, and other large pre-press workshop process are: dust, stone, peel, press embryo, puffing , crushing, steaming and roasting, oil filter. According to the characteristics of different materials with the necessary equipment and reasonable. Refined oil standards: Standards can be achieved salad, corn germ oil GB an oil. Residual rate: pre-pressed oil, residual oil after extraction rate below 1%. Features: advanced technology, high utilization of fuel, oil and pure flavor, suitable for medium-sized oil processing plant.