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Crusher installation and commissioning

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Crusher installation and commissioning:
First, the installation:
1, according to the size of the installed base shown good foundation, due to the depth of the f

Crusher installation and commissioning:
First, the installation:
1, according to the size of the installed base shown good foundation, due to the depth of the foundation and appropriate, but not less than 500mm.
2, the correction of the machine level, tighten the nut to the foot, installed belts and belt cover.
3, when the belt is installed, check whether the sheaves rust, grease and dirt, etc. Are there in the groove, clean up after installed belt, adjust the belt tensioner mechanism to ensure that belt to work properly.

Second, debugging:
1, the volume of feed material size is by blocking the door and to control the feed roller speed, gauge the door and feed roller gap increases, the speed increase, the volume of feed increases, decreases and vice versa.
2, the size of the particle is broken by adjusting the roll gap and the pressure of the tooth to complete.
1), the roll gap adjustment, loosen the front locknut stationary state, respectively, to adjust the left and right ends of the upper and lower roller mechanism of adjusting nut tight. Feeler detect because both ends of the roll gap to ensure its equal. When the initial adjustment, the roller gap should be slightly about 2-2.5mm, next to the roll gap of about 1.5-2mm, after a good tune, the lock nut. Start the main motor, the roller operation, reaching the rated speed after speed gauge door open, adjust the feed roller speed, and begin the test, the simultaneous detection of its crushing circumstances, if broken ineffective, should be shut down to re-adjust until it reaches a / 8-1 / 4 so far.
Note: 1/8 flap should account for about 1/5 of the beans, and the beans are not allowed whole beans and 1/2 lobes appear. If more than 3/5 1/8 flap beans, the crushed powder degree will increase, and the motor current will increase, even overload. Beans should be about 1 1/8 flap / 5-3 / 10 or so on a good run.
2), pressure adjustment, a stationary state, release the rear end of the lock nut, respectively, up and down to adjust the left and right ends of the adjusting nut tightening roller mechanism, according to the production circumstances, appropriate adjustments to the pressing force of the spring. When the initial adjustment, the yield should be lower, the pressing force should be slightly smaller. When increasing production must increase spring preload, otherwise it will affect the crushing effect. Conversely at low yields, if the preload up large gap between the rolls will be reduced. The powder increases.
Note: The magnitude of the pressure between the rolls depends on the size of production, direct impact crushing effect. In ensuring the production and meet the design requirements of the broken granularity premise tone pressure as low as possible. In addition, special attention, whether it was to adjust the gap, or adjust the pressure, must be in shutdown state, to prevent accidents.
The spring acts as a buffer between the rollers and the fixed gap. After the buffer is to prevent hard objects into, powerful distraction preload spring rolls make for separately. After a hard object, reset in case of roll collide, damaged tooth surface. Therefore, you must leave a buffer between the amount of spring rolls, not crushed the spring, and when the preload force should be balanced at both ends support roll force. Preload is too large, the spring is compressed between the rollers will lead to the roller contact. In the absence of material, it will damage the Roll.
3), when the gear roll wear, need to re-drawing after drawing Roll after installation, ensure that rolls to the location, the specific operation above.