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Use small centrifugal oil filter

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Use small centrifugal oil filter, a small centrifugal oil filter oil filter oil filter factory specializing in the production of small manufacturers. I plant ce

Use small centrifugal oil filter, a small centrifugal oil filter oil filter oil filter factory specializing in the production of small manufacturers. I plant centrifugal oil filter is introduced 09 new oil filter, mainly for oil pressing Square was isolated by filtration using diesel and water, so clear and no residue after filtration Petrol, oil filter, using centrifugal forces of suspended solids, sludge, etc. , to clarify the purpose of bleaching. For small oil mills and other users, suitable for cold pressing, hot pressing, etc. to clarify rapeseed oil and peanut oil and other crude oil filter, the filtered oil can not afford to Mo, less smoke, no sediment, standard cooking oil. The machine is simple, filter effects, working vibration, easy to clean, and many other special advantages. Small oil filter centrifugal oil filter, oil filter its structure, small size, simple operation, it is suitable for sunflower, peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, and other oil seed crops filtration, filtration speed, filtration High oil quality, the oil could reach the national health standards.
Centrifugal oil filter, oil purifier, clean, hot oil extraction can be directly filtered and filtered diesel was dry foam-like, the device does not exist in the oil, use the centrifugal filter no consumable parts purchase, power-saving, effective, oil high purity, bright color, can be directly sold canned or direct consumption. Is the most ideal processing households filtering equipment. Centrifugal oil filter using security devices that will not twist out of high-speed motor rotation piece. Thoughtful and careful design of the machine smooth operation, high safety performance, filter effects are both superior to other products. The oil filter filtering equipment can be said of the end product. Centrifugal oil filter filtration: room suitable for oil extraction operations, directly after washing hair oil evenly into the rotating drum, pour a few pounds each crude oil so that the crude oil was dumped in the drum 1 minute , stop the release of edible vegetable oil, diesel and water are glued to the tube wall, edible vegetable oil will be flowing out from the center of the hole, do not keep oil can visually see crude oil filtration separation process, because in the invisible machine discourage farmers worry about whether the structure of the oil deposit FAQs. Without filter cloth and other supplies. Centrifugal oil filter greatest advantage: when slag discharge screw without opening the cover, slag and more convenient. Drum through rigorous balancing correction, so the drum rotation speed vibration does not occur, the motor is increase belt drive motor life, better prevention of oil spills damage the motor. Big time 30 kg drum capacity, speed the entire filter process takes 2-3 minutes can be filtered out of edible vegetable oil finish. No filter cloth and other supplies, avoid washing cloth, save time and effort to reduce labor intensity, simple operation, more hygienic. Phasing out of the frame type, type and pneumatic vacuum filters and other old-fashioned. Zhengzhou Donghong mechanical production of centrifugal oil filter designed to extract oil from the perspective of research and development by practical, proven repeatedly through the user which is money the most practical, the best, easiest to clean up easier oil filter. This product is the best in the industry, because of professional best.