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Automatic oil bore operating principle when working bomb

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Automatic oil bore operating principle when working bomb, press the bombing bore the internal and raw materials the extruded material is formed between the mate

Automatic oil bore operating principle when working bomb, press the bombing bore the internal and raw materials the extruded material is formed between the material and the working principle of all press pressure drop of oil and came out. In general, with the increase in the moisture content of virgin material, its plasticity is also increasing. When the water reaches a certain point, squeezing out the oil situation the best, when the moisture content is called the "best water" or critical moisture. For a certain kind of virgin material, under certain conditions, there is a relatively narrow optimum moisture range. Of course, the optimum moisture range at the same time and other factors, all, the temperature is closely related to the degree of protein denaturation. affect the structural properties of virgin material factor in many of virgin material structural properties, the mechanical properties of virgin materials, particularly oil plasticity to take effect squeezing the greatest impact. virgin material in the oil, including housing and other conditions are generally the same, its plasticity is mainly affected by the water , temperature and the impact of protein denaturation. The main factors influencing the effect of squeezing the press to take the oil to take the oil effect depends on many factors, including the virgin material structure and the press conditions in two areas. In addition, oil equipment structure and selection in some extent, will also affect the oil effect. influence the structure of virgin material virgin material virgin material structure refers to the mechanical structure of both internal and external structures. structural properties of virgin material depends primarily on the pre-processing (mainly steaming and roasting) and quality of the oil their ingredients. General requirements for virgin material structure Requirements virgin material particle size should be appropriate and consistent with virgin material consistency within and outside the structure is good, the number of intact cells virgin feed the less the better, virgin material bulk density does not affect the internal and external Under the premise of the structure the bigger the better. Requirements virgin feedstock oil viscosity and surface tension as much as possible to lower, pressed material particles have sufficient plasticity.

Oil extraction in the material analysis and research is the first step, virgin material nature is reflected by the cooperating moisture, temperature, oil content, protein denaturation and other factors out. However, in the conventional production, often only pay attention to water and temperature. virgin material moisture and temperature with moisture, the lower the higher the required temperature. At the request of a lower rate of residual oil, the extra virgin materials reasonably low moisture and high temperatures are necessary, but the temperature is too virgin material high and exceeds a certain limit (eg 130 ℃) is not allowed. In addition, different pre-treatment process may get pressed into the same moisture and temperature, but the extent of protein denaturation is quite different. Protein denaturation causes excessive virgin plastic material reduced, thereby enhancing the necessary operating pressure pressing machine, such as steaming and roasting excessive parison will harden toward the direction of development, have an impact on the chamber pressure and the oil pressed into the cake and when the press. However, the press law is to take protein denaturation essential oils, because pressing the adequacy of feed protein denaturation, measure the extent of damage in the oil gel structure, but also affect the effect of squeezing out the oil. Figure 2-5 shows the extent of protein denaturation press cake and bread resid relationships. Note, however, when the press due to the combined effect of temperature and pressure, will continue to protein denaturation, such as pre-press is about the extent of protein denaturation 74.4 ~ 77.03%, can be achieved through the press 91.75 to 93%, in short, protein denaturation in order to ensure an appropriate level of good press to take the oil effect.
Deformable porous medium in vapor and liquid oils and squeeze the liquid mixture of oil squeeze the two cases. In the under pressure between virgin material particles with the discharge of oil and continue to squeeze tight, virgin material particles in direct contact with each other squeezed between a pressure caused by the plastic deformation of the material, especially in the film will rupture each other to form a whole. Thus, when the end of the press, the material is no longer a virgin loose body and began to form a complete plastic body, called cake should be noted that not all cake particles are combined, but a combination of a large number of incomplete gel pores of the porous body. That part of the particles occurs in addition to binding to form a continuous gel matrix cake outside the particle still left between the groups or between particles combined into many pores. These pores are likely to be part of the mutually connected and closed circuit, while the other part is connected to each other to form a channel, the press is still possible to continue to take the oil.