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Corn oil press squeezing process

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Corn oil press squeezing process:
1. Run water: According to the difference between the endosperm and germ suction forces, the absorbent corn bran and germ, ge...

Corn oil press squeezing process:
1. Run water: According to the difference between the endosperm and germ suction forces, the absorbent corn bran and germ, germ absorbent, volume expansion after absorbing water, increasing the toughness and flexibility, not easy to break in to break grits grits and pressure, making it easily accessible from the embryo on detachment; and after corn bran absorbent, easy peeling, while facilitating the separation of the embryo, the embryo skin or skin even reduce embryo phenomenon. This can increase the rate of embryo germ purity. Run water 5 to 8 minutes of time is appropriate, but how much water fountain, and varies depending on the size of the original water.
2. Peeling and breaking grits: Corn Run water, followed by peeling and breaking grits. Peeling and breaking grits equipment using horizontal sand roller rice machine or meter machine. Operation is necessary to strictly control the degree of peeling broken, do germ without skin, skin without the germ. Three-breaking cross-section taken grits sand roller rice mill, corn peeling after breaking into several lobes, with broken corn germ has a lot separated from the endosperm.
3. Sorting mention embryos: embryos taken mention sorting machine mention embryo, namely the use of grits, the proportion of different embryo, grits specific gravity of 1.30 to 1.35 g / cm 3, embryos accounted for 0.78 to 0.99 g / cm 3, the specific gravity stoner to mention corn germ machine. The principle is to use the tilting means the tilting movement of the punched holes of the sieve of the scale, under the influence by the inclination of the hole through the air flow scale up, so that separation of germ and grits. Germ small proportion is blowing airflow in suspension, floating on top, flowing toward the low end of the screen surface under the pressure of imported materials and the force of gravity itself; rather than the major grits still snapping the screen surface, across the scales of the orifice plate the back of the mouth upward crawl to the mix. Adjusting the height of the port and the grits embryos port shutter, the separation can be effectively controlled. Beyond the extracted germ winnowing wind screen, draw embryo bran to improve the purity of the embryo.
4. Pressure embryo screening: The points selected embryos, still contains grits, flour mill can press it into the embryo, and then by the flat screened embryos.


5. Purification: Before the press must be cleaned with a vibrating sieve, sieve to germ grits, flour, bran and other impurities to maximize the germ of purity.
6. Drying: corn germ water is generally 11 to 15 percent, while its juice into a suitable water below 4%, which must be carried out on the extracted germ thermal drying, moisture germ reach 4% or less in order to squeeze into the machine. Drying method used fire baking, steaming wok to water and mechanical drying.
7. Press: screw press used mostly for 95 type and 200 type. Roasted with its own equipment, to ensure that the temperature of the germ into juice to boost the higher oil yield. To improve the yield and oil yield, the virgin material embryos at 4% or less moisture, while the yellow material embryos without charring. Embryo into virgin material temperature should be controlled above 100 ℃, in favor of the separation of the oil. Regularly clean up the oil, to ensure that the oil unimpeded. The use of such equipment for processing corn germ oil, its oil yield is generally 16 to 19 percent.